Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Decorating Christmas trees has evolved over the past few centuries. In the 1600’s, the trees were lit by candles that were attached with wax or wire. They started lighting the Christmas tree to create a beautiful effect. The way they started lighting the trees created a serious fire hazard. People didn’t normally decorate the trees until Christmas Eve. They would keep some water or sane nearby in case a fire broke out.

Christmas decorating got a little bit easier after electricity was invented. Thomas Edison, the inventor of electricity, was not the first to light a Christmas tree with his invention. Edward Johnson, Edison’s business assistant, was the first to light a tree by electric light in 1882. He wired blue, white, and red lights together and wrapped them around the tree like people do today. The general public didn’t use electric light for another 13 years on trees after Johnson lit the first one.

President Grover Cleveland drew national attention after he lit a White House tree. Even though the public initially realized that they could decorate their trees with lights, they knew that it was expensive. Back in those days, if somebody wanted to light up their Christmas tree, they had to spend about three hundred dollars. That’s the equivalent to about two thousand dollars today. The richer people held Christmas tree parties. The people who couldn’t afford it, still used the traditional candlelight.

At the turn of the 20th century, General Electric aired the first advertisement about using Christmas lamps on trees. One year later, the first wired light sets were for sale. The only people who bought them were businesses to put on their store fronts. In 1903, the electric Christmas Tree lights were made available for the public at a cheaper price. The first bulbs people used at home were designed to screw and plug in. That’s when using electric lights became very popular.

That was over 100 years ago and now decorating trees is not as big of a hassle as it once was. You can decorate your tree with a sports theme in mind, just pick your favorite team and go crazy with team colors, logos and mascots. You should try something different than traditional decorating. You should try decorating with a funky and modern theme because it will change things up.

You should not use the red, green, and gold colors if you want to have something other than a traditional Christmas. Many people want a white Christmas but can’t get one depending on where they live. I’m not talking about having somebody come put fake show on your yard. You could get the white, fresh feeling of Christmas without actually having snow. You just need the right colors. You should use blue, white, and silver as your color scheme. These colors give a wintry feel. You can add an even better feeling by adding aqua, teal, turquoise, as well as blue, deep green, and purple.

Having those colors will make unusual colored trees, like white and silver ones look stunning. It also works on a green tree too so be sure to not throw away your decorations if you decide to have a new look.
The Christmas tree should be the center of your decorating. You should also decorate your table to add to the attention. Make sure you have coordinating colors because you want to bring all your decorations together.

Maybe you are a die hard sports fan and then of course, you will stick with your team colors.  This week, fans are going crazy over San Francisco Giants Christmas ornaments and Texas Rangers Christmas ornaments because they are supporting their teams in the World Series.

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